Welcome to New2change.com
- a website to help change leaders develop in how to lead sucessful change! 


Hi. My name is Clas Lundhagen

In 2008 I created a swedish version of this site - ledaforandring.se. I wanted to help managers and other change leaders to better understand and succeed with change, by creating a source of knowledge and know-how on change management. In the following 10+ years I had many lessons learned from a wide variety of change projects - major system rollouts, organizational mergers, business development and cultural change).

A while ago I decided to rebuild the entire site and add much more material - and, at the same, time lauch the english version New 2change.com! 

 I hope you find New2change inspiring and useful!


What you find on New2change

  Learn to understand and lead change

  Find the success factors to successful change

 Compare different strategies to lead change

 Get help choosing the right change strategy for your project


During 2020/2021 I will add more

  Find recommendations for books, links & articles on change

  Examples of reference cases - how we set them up and how they succeeded (or not)

  How to build the ability to change - in individuals, in a project and in an organization

Clas Lundhagen,
Senior change manager at Knowit Insight in Sweden

My vision is that New2change.com will help develop your ability to understand and drive successful change!




I do not understand why it should be so difficult to get everyone ?!
Why are they reacting so strongly now? I thought we were all on the train?
Change in an organization often arouses resistance, even when there are important or strong reasons to change.
  • Why do we humans work that way?
  • Is it possible to understand the resistance and find the keys to overcoming it?
Read about some explanatory models around change & resistance ...


How can I handle the resistance?
How can I make them more positive about change?
Many experienced change leaders and researchers have developed good ideas and explanatory models for commitment and motivation, which are useful in different contexts, depending on the conditions of the change project. Here you will find some explanatory models compiled.

Leading change

How should I set up my change work?
Why are there so many strategies and models to drive change?
What is important for me to succeed in my project?
There are an infinite number of ways to drive change projects, from both the project management and change management worlds. There are also lots of recognized good strategies to lead the implementation.

I, who have worked with many different types of change projects, try to describe here some structured plans for change work, and some of the models / strategies that I or my colleagues have used in change and development projects, along with some recommendations when they work better or worse.!

Choosing your Change Strategy

Do all strategies work for all types of change projects or do I have to choose?
How should I choose the right strategy to run my particular project?
On wikipedia and elsewhere, there are several descriptions of both well-known and lesser-known models for leading change, but nowhere have I found a guide for which model is best suited for a particular type of change project.

After working with different types of change projects, is my conclusion that there is a change management model that works for all types of change projects, but here I dare still formulating my recommendation for the change management model to choose, based on what kind of change you lead.